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The Springfield Malayalee Association was formed in 2017 to promote and celebrate the Malayalee Culture and Events.

SMA is a charitable organisation which was started by a group of local IT professionals, lawyers, doctors and nurses, and aims to highlight the importance of blood and organ donation, as well as supporting other community initiatives.

Through festivals, fundraising, education and partnerships with community and charity organisations, our goal is to bring people together in the shared spirit of peace, harmony and karma.


Hello all!!! The most awaited SMA Indian Open Badminton Tournament has arrived again. Please save the date (21st September 2024) in your calendar and start registering before it's too late. It will surely be a great day with lots of competitive and enjoyable games. Please click on the Register here button to register ASAP.
Please note the Terms and conditions given below -

All participants must be 17 years or older to join.

The SMASH 24 Event is open for registration for the below categories:
Men’s Doubles (MD) G 1. This is equivalent to a B / C graded playing level. Participants are restricted to this category and cannot play MD G2.
G 2. This is equivalent to a C / D graded playing level. Participants are restricted to this category and cannot also play MD G1.
Seniors Doubles (SD) (Men’s ONLY) Age 50 years and above Only Open and A grade levels players are restricted.

Restrictions and Grade Selection: Players are allowed to participate in up to two categories maximum. Lower-grade players are permitted to challenge players from higher grades but within certain limitations. For instance, a player ranked in MD Grade 2 can challenge those in MD Grade 1. However, players from MD Grade 1 cannot challenge those in MD Grade2. We require all players to be honest when selecting their grading during registration. At a later stage, any player found to have intentionally misrepresented their grading to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified from the tournament, and no refund will be provided.

Withdrawal and Refunds: Withdrawal from the event is allowed, and management should be notified at least seven days before the tournament. No refunds will be processed after Saturday, 14th Sept 2024 Cancellation and Reporting: The management reserves the right to cancel an event category if the minimum required teams are not received. Players must report to the venue's front desk at least 30 minutes before their scheduled match. Late arrival may result in a walkover for opponents.

Warm-Up Time and Umpire: Players have a 2-minute warm-up before matches, subject to court availability. Dedicated umpires will oversee each game, and their decisions will be final.

Attire and Equipment: Participants must wear appropriate sports attire and non-marking shoes/court shoes. Players are required to bring their own badminton racquets.

Shuttles and Injuries: Management will provide shuttles, and the umpire will decide on shuttle changes during matches. While a basic first aid kit will be provided, management will not be responsible for injuries or medical issues during the tournament.

Join or Collaborate

If you would like to become a member of the Springfield Malayalee Association, please complete our online application and one of our management committee will contact you with more information.

We are always looking to work with the broader community and other charities to further the objectives of our association.  If you would like to participate in an event or festival being held by our organisation, or would like us to participate with your community event or charity, please contact us with further details.

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Who are the Malayalee?

The Malayalee are an ethno-linguistic group native to the South Indian state of Kerala and the Union Territory of Lakshadweep and have the Malayalam language as their mother tongue.

The Malayalee community in India has a history of immigrants to the region from various parts of the world, as well as a unique sub-culture owing to the tropical environment of the state.

  • It has been an honour working with the Springfield Malayalee Association, and sharing in their great work and community spirit.

    Steven Purcell